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Assembling Gauges and Control

The equipment can be used on both the drawings provided by the customer, is developed designed and drawn by our technical department. The construction is mostly done with aluminum, stainless steel and structural steel.

When machining complex components we benefited from our excellent expertise in 5-axis milling, allowing them to not put limits in the design phase. Keyplastic has a DEPARTMENT ADJUSTMENT with highly qualified operators allow the creation of a carefully the aesthetic of the gauges, in line with customer requirements.

Mold Construction

KeyPlastic is specialized in the production of:

  • Moulds for the Hydroforming of Tubes
  • Blow Moulds to produce Bottles, Containers, Jerry cans, and Technical articles
  • Our production consists of blow moulds for PE, PP, PET, PETG, PVC, PC plastic materials for bottles from very low capacity till big tanks of 20/30 Lt. or 60-120-220 lt. drums.


Keymech Division

KeyMech is the division created to meet specific market needs.
The division produces mechanical parts, supporting the customer with co-engeenering, process and pre-series services. Thanks to a highly qualified team that studies the orders in order to obtain the best production conditions in terms of quality, time and cost of implementation.

It is equipped with  CAD/CAM stations with constantly updated software to allow:

  • Simulation of the workpiece process in solid modeling and creation of work programs
  • 3D drawing, 3D modeling Solids, automatic table setting 3D models Solids, IGES interfaces, DXF, DWG, STEP, PARASOLID
  • Transmission, reception and archiving of programs processed by the CN machinery network
  • Control of work flow in real time, verification of work progress and production progress

In order to guarantee a high quality standard, the Division has a metrological room with the equipment listed below:

  • Mituoyo Crysta Apex S CNC fully programmable 3D. On request, certifications of measurement and control of the mechanical detail produced are released.
  • Mituoyo Contour Contracer CV – 2100
  • Mituoyo Surfest SJ-410
  • Mituoyo LM600

The process control is highly accurate so that the OEE values ​​are above 86%.


Precision CNC Machining

The CNC machining department is equipped with the latest 5 axes CNC machines, and  CNC turning with motorized tools which are particularly suitable to   process hi-tech materials.

All the CNC centers are connected to the company LAN net and receive instructions directly from the technical office.

This solution joins the system to support and modernize the process of control and monitoring of production activities, automating the collection of production data and calculate the ward and generating the basic data for the Production Quality Control Management


Some of the main high-tech materials processed with high precision CNC machining:

  • Titanium alloys (Ti-6Al4V)
  • Superalloys (Inconel 625 and 718)
  • Aluminium alloys (6082, 7050, 7075 and others), Copper
  • Special Steels (AISI 304, AISI316, 17-4 PH and others)

Further Services

The KeyPlastic company, thanks to the tested collaboration with a network of Italian Partners, works as Head of the Production Process in all its phases for the following services:

  • Surface treatments
  • Thermal treatments
  • Rectification
  • EDM
  • Dentatura
  • Ecc.